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Principles of the Modern Web

The Modern Web is Simple.

In design or in code, simplicity trumps all. What is clever and novel today is tomorrow's technical debt.

The Modern Web is Fast.

The modern web thrives on speed. Design faster. Code faster. Ship faster. Fail faster.

The Modern Web is Familiar.

Patterns made the modern web. Reuse code and design elements. Stop reinventing the wheel.

The Modern Web is Accessible.

The modern web is for everyone; regardless of their abilities. Everyone should be able to find your cat website.

The Modern Web is Agnostic.

The modern web is like water, it will fit into any container you put it in. Plan for unimagined devices and uses by remaining adaptable and responsive.

The Modern Web is Testable.

Throwing shit at the walls to see what sticks; means that no matter what your walls are still covered in shit. Use the data available to you to design and develop, then test your data again. Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

The Modern Web is Iterative.

Design is never finished. The modern web is a moving, evolving platform. Measure.Design.Deploy.Refine.