Useful Chrome Plugins

Chrome is my default browser. I use it daily. I wanted to make a small list of the plugins (extensions) that I use to make my developer life a bit easier.

uBlock Origin

Almost everyone uses a blocker these days. Most blockers are bulky and are memory hogs. I’ve been using this plugin for awhile and have been very happy with it. uBlock Origin


The web is built on the back of rest services. Using Postman, I can test different endpoints and see the shape of the data coming back from the rest service. While this is technically more of an app than a plugin, it is a very valuable tool regardless. Postman

Refined Github

Like most developers, I spend a crazy amount of my time on github. Github is crazy powerful but if you don’t know the shortcuts, you can miss out on some of the power. This plugin makes surfaces a lot of the niceties of github. Refined Github


I save articles for later to read or to share with my team. Simple but valuable. Pocket


Just a nice splash screen with the time and a todo list if you want. Helps me stay focused. Momentum