Useful Chrome Plugins

Chrome is my default browser. I use it daily. I wanted to make a small list of the plugins (extensions) that I use to make my developer life a bit easier.

Building a Standing Desk

In June, I planned some time off between leaving my agency job and starting at a startup. What's a geek to do with time on his hands? Build a desk, that's what!

Trying Out VIM

Did it start out of boredom? It may have been the desire to be faster. Maybe it was the constant stream of tweets and blog posts about VIM. Could programming be quicker and simpler with VIM? I was stepping out on my editor (Sublime Text 2) and looking at the greener VIM grass.

Being a Front-End Developer

The thing I dread most about old classmates and new acquaintances; explaining what I do for a living. Usually it ends the same way; I generalize my profession as computer programming or I work with computers. Don't get it twisted brothers and sisters of the web.

Principles of the Modern Web

Everything I think design and development should be.