Building a Standing Desk

In June, I planned some time off between leaving my agency job at GS&F and starting at Bright Bytes. What's a geek to do with time on his hands? Build a desk, that's what!

I figured on using readily available pipe since I didn't have access to a miter...

physical projects standing desk tutorial

Trying Out Vim

Did it start out of boredom? It may have been the desire to be faster. Maybe it was the constant stream of tweets and blog posts about VIM. Could programming be quicker and simpler with VIM? I was stepping out on my editor (Sublime Text 2) and looking...

editors VIM craftsmanship

Five Apps I Use Daily (Non Dev)

In this top five, I focus on apps I use on a daily basis. While this isn't a list of development apps I use on a day-to-day. These all are three shades of rad and help me get through my day.

01. Spotify

Spotify is the best app for managing and listening...

top five apps

Making a Clock With SnapSVG and Moment.js

Recently I've been tinkering around with SVGs. I found SnapSVG and haven't looked back. I think that in order to truly learn something, one has to make it fun. Any one who's been around me for longer than ten minutes knows I love two things pecan pie...

Javascript CoffeeScript SnapSVG MomentJS

Being a Front-End Developer

The thing I dread most about old classmates and new acquaintances: explaining what I do for a living. Usually it ends the same way; I generalize my profession as "computer programming" or "I work with computers". Don't get it twisted brothers and...

front-end dev craft

Making The Move To Middleman

So for awhile now I've been thinking about moving the site from my url at to this here vanity url.

I'll document what I find. I promise.

In the meanwhile, I'll continue to backport old content here, just in case someone wants to read...

Static CMS

The Lost Art of Asking Questions

There are virtually thousands of weapons a freelance designer has available in their everyday arsenal. From wireframe apps to invoicing services the possibility are endless. Yet what it the most overlooked tool in a designers toolbox? The art of asking...


Steering the Ship: Client Navigator

We have all heard the war stories (or been part of them), the horrible clients who change their minds more than a kid at a candy store when it comes to their web presence. Our jobs as designers is to effectively solve client problems, repeat after...


You're Not A Mind Reader

In order to completely satisfy the client we need to be on the same page. How do you get on the same page? By effectively asking questions! Ten points to the kid in the back of the class, who yelled out the answer. Here we take a look at seven areas...